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I heard a song by Patricia Taxxon called "Breastbone" and wrote a poem, then decided to put it into a full track. Listen to her music here:


CJ is thirteen, fourteen, fifteen,
sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years yet
only been around for two months
sitting on my bedside
i don't know why i have to see
her here when she could go away
like she used to be

En is looking for something,
trying to recapture a moment
in history when i was more active
on skates, on shoes, on skateboards,
but big news i don't choose for you
what i do, it just happens.

sequencing personalities
in a crooked segment
of a timeline
sublime paradigm
fits the bill of a single
entity cut into three
sides of a mind

what is insanity
expecting an outcome for
my efforts that i can afford to feel
invalid and ignored is worse than being bored
italic speech in a Medium post
like emphasis alone is an emphatic coach
teaching the point
what is the point
what is the point
when everyone snores on it

i'd be stretching the truth saying
im calling my work worth your time
i never seem to get things out right
in song, in rhyme or in time anyway
where's the beat, where's the heat,
where's the groove you might add but
it just doesn't matter if you're never
been moved to hear it anyway
even bad news is better than no news
bad comments better than no views
DDOS better than no clue
big boss was right, there's no new
fight i can win from my computer chair
so i'll just scream into a void and hurt myself
with optimistic bated breath
simplistic related death of an ego

im useless
im plural
we're seamless
to a road map
leading to a dead end


released November 6, 2019
BEAT: Patricia Taxxon





PLUSH is a solo project performed and produced entirely by Lizzie July, a queer Canadian vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.

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